ALEXANDMUSHI is a collaboration between Alex Nichols and Mushi Wooseong James. Two names, two people and in between all bodies of work are thousands of conversations examining humanity’s central theme: connection. We are conceptual artists engaged in social practice, performance, and process-based documentation including photography, video, writing, and installation.

Humans are always in context to others, constantly communicating, yet how deeply is this process understood? As collaborators, we work directly with the dynamic tension core to all relationships: the desire to be seen and the terror of revealing ourselves. Our work is a testing ground where projects become intimate and vulnerable entry points into the boundaries of ourselves. Together, we experience the pain of having the constructs of our identity challenged, to the brink of breaking point, and the gift of expanding our perspectives.

ALEXANDMUSHI have exhibited their works in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. They are the recipients of artist residencies in California, Taiwan, and Mexico. Alex and Mushi have participated and worked with: The American Anthropological Association, AIASF, Djerassi Residency, Bamboo Curtain Studio, Centro Fotografico Alvarez Bravo Oaxaca, Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco, Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture San Francisco, MACO Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Oaxaca, MOCA Taipei, Recology San Francisco, University of San Francisco, and Zonamaco Art Fair.

Alex and Mushi are also the executive director and co-director of Think Make Tank artist collective, an organization dedicated to building a community around collaboration, experimentation, and improvisation. ALEXANDMUSHI are based in San Francisco.